Okay, I’m going to talk a little bit about FinViz which is So, it’s a website and it’s got a free section and a subscription section. There’s a lot to be gained just from using the free section and the subscription section offers some additional stuff. Let’s just talk about the free section for now. If you go to the site you’ll see, you’ll basically land on the homepage probably and you’ll see a bunch of tickers along with the last, the change, the volume and then a signal that they have assigned to it. And you’ll also see the DOW, the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 charts at the top of the page.

Anyway, on the ticker symbols they have categories like top gainers, new high, overbought, unusual volume, upgrades, earnings, insider buying. Also things like top losers, new low, oversold, most volatile, most active, downgrades. So, a lot of these stocks are in the one dollar to twenty dollar range. Although some of them are a bit higher than that, and they’re stocks that get a lot of action during the day. You can look at the volume and see how many shares are being traded at the time that you are looking at it.

If you click on one of the tickers on the page, you’ll see a chart and if you click on it, if you just hover over the symbol you’ll see a chart. If you click on it you’ll actually go to a page with a chart and also a lot of information like market cap, income, the sales, the shares that are floated, the short float. Those can be, particularly the float and the short float, can be very important for short term trading. If you want to get an idea if maybe there’s a short squeeze going on, or how many times the total float has been traded during the day on some of these smaller priced stocks. And then you’ll get some news stories below that.

Let’s go back to the, let’s talk about the main page again. What you’ll see on the main page is just a bunch of stocks that a lot of people are trading. A lot of the non-institutional traders will be trading these stocks and they’ll have a lot of action on them. These are stocks generally that can go up 20% in a day or more, which is uncommon for the high-cap stocks. Very good place to get news on stocks, quick news and to get an idea of the fundamental of a stock, what a stock is about, and see what a lot of the smaller cap traders are trading. We’ll go into more detail at a different time.